Your Personal Manifest Mandala is best when made with a photo of your own, and even better when the photo was taken with your intention or goal in mind.

My process uses online chat for our texting and upload/download of images (your photos, mockups, and final artwork), and provides options for your final print production.

Step 2:
Review Your Designs

Based on your photos, I make up to three design mockups for you.

These will show the mandala circle design, without embellishments or backgrounds, just the core mandala at this stage.

You review and comment on the designs, choosing one as your favourite direction to be developed.

Step 3:
Download Your Artwork

Based on your chosen concept, I create the final design, with refinements, embellishments and background effects.

After your full approval of the final design you pay the remaining 50% fee »

Then I supply you a private link to download your high-resolution artwork file.

Step 4:
Screen or Print

Immediately use your artwork for screen purposes, eg. your phone or computer background image.

Print your Mandala at home, or send the file to your local print shop.

Upload your artwork file to an online print-on-demand shop** to instantly see your design applied on a range of products.

**Fine Art America have 16 production facilities in 5 countries (including Australia, USA, Canada, Europe and the UK). Certain products are made only in the USA.

Fine Art America produce for artists, offering high-quality economical production and fast turnaround (average 3 working days plus freight).

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