The sadness of a Kookaburra roadkill prompted ‘The Kookaburra Prayer’ and an exhibition to raise awareness of the problem of roadkill driving, and the lack of compassion shown as the animals are driven over again and again.

A prayer for greater understanding (in 2012) that the Mayan/Aztec Calendar is not a timekeeper of a cataclysmic end of the world. This mandala evokes the coincidence of various cycles of time, all ‘clocking over’ on 21 December 2012, supplying an optimistic perspective to the positive opportunities around this point in time.

Based on a photo of a solar flare, an expression of respect to the power and wisdom of source.

A prayer to balance gentle loving behaviour with the ability to set clear boundaries.

A prayer mandala made from a falcon’s plumage, to encourage reverance for the animal kingdom.

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